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Category > Buttonhole Sewing Machine
  • 21 built-in sewing patterns. Original pattern sewing also supported
  • Presser foot height can be set as desired. It enables positioning of material easy and accurate
  • Quick and accurate cutting driven by a double position solenoid

For woven articles / knitted articles
Cutter length: 4-32 mm
Max. sewing width: 6 mm
Max. button hole length: 40 mm
Height of presser foot: 13 mm
Max. sewing speed: 4,000 sti/min
Thread trimmer equipped as standard
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  • Fine finishing of button holes
  • Max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min improves productivity
  • Large arm pocket allowing smooth material handling
  • Easy-to-use operation panel

Stitch pitch: 0.5-2.0 mm
Zigzag width: 1.5-5.0 mm
Height of work clamp: 12-16 mm
Sewing length: 5-50 mm
Taper bartack length: 0-20 mm
Max. sewing speed: 2,500 sti/min
Upper thread trimmer equipped as standard
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